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Julia Culen, Mayhofer
Julia Culen, Mayhofer
Julia Culen, Mayhofer
Julia Culen, Mayhofer

We are experts in consulting and facilitating organizational transformation. We are Julia Culen, Christian Mayhofer and a diverse network of partners from a variety of territories.

We help our clients to powerfully master their problems and challenges in their own genuine way. Our practice as coaches and consultants is based on many years of experience across topics, regions and clients. 


In our work we address and combine personal & organizational patterns and challenges. We focus on the management team first, as it sets goals and norms of behaviour for the rest of the organization.

if you are interested in our mindset, thinking, ideas and stories, please visit our blog:  stories from the field

Julia Culen

Born 1974


International Business Administration I University of Vienna 

The Boston Consulting Group Munich I BA-CA Unicredit Austria &CEE I Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg Vienna

Certified coach and management consultant

Guest professor University of Vienna 

+43 699 13688089

Christian Mayhofer

Born 1961 I Managing Partner at CULEN MAYHOFER PARTNER 

Consultant, Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Zen Monk

Erlenhof I Maycon Consulting I Interim Manager I Consultant & Coach for over 25 years

Trained and educated in diverse Coaching & Consulting Areas in Europe, Asia and US

+43 699 11440114

foto christian mayhofer
foto christian mayhofer


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Our Blog - stories from the field - is a collection of short stories, thoughts and ideas of our work. Every post is inspired by an experience, a thought, an idea or a conversation. 

We published all 2015 posts in a book as well: we are delighted to send it to you as PDF or printed, in case you prefer this to the online version. Please send your request to 


NGO – NPO Caritas Socialis
Licht für die Welt
Light for the World
Teach for Austria
Universitätszahnklinik Wien
Banca Comerciala Romana
DSGV - Deutscher Sparkassenund
Erste Group
Raiffeisen Bank International
Western Wireless
Merck MSD
Novo Nordisk
Palfinger Cranes
TELECOM A1 Telekom
Deutsche Telekom
Telekom Austria
Die Presse
Golden Girls Film
Nous Guide
Kronen Zeitung
Rosbud Inc
Styria Media Group
TRANSPORT Deutsche Bahn
Österreichische Post


“Together we created an organizational change process to adapt the business to increasing market complexity, globalization, and ultimately, customer needs and desires. Our team was stimulated and challenged to not only question our existing assumptions and paradigms, but also to develop enhanced new ones, which helped us to think and act “outside the box.” Their personalized and interdisciplinary approach worked exceptionally well, and initiated significant change in our organization. We are now able to take a series of bold steps forward and our customers continue to reap the benefits.”

-- Daniel Cohen, Principal Owner at Swarovski Corporation, RI, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day workshop by Christian, Julia, and Robert. They offer a great framework for self-awareness and seeing organizational dynamics with fresh new eyes, and it was wonderful to watch these facilitators expertly create safety as well as exploration in the moment.”

--Yingzhao Liu, UX Design Director, LinkedIn

“For leaders it is not easy to see that Personal Mastery creates the conditions for Business Excellence —our assumptions have been so fundamentally challenged that something new could emerge."

-- Michael Fleischhacker, Editor in Chief “Die Presse”

“N3XT is an approach showing how new paradigms of thinking, insights, acting and communicating, humanizing the workplace, lead to a more beneficial and sustainable impact. In this program leaders develop a new mindset enabling them to create new and empowering conditions for their employees to grow and develop."

-- Ulrike Ritzinger, Austrian Consul General, Los Angeles, CA

“Julia and Christian have helped us in our transformation process during the last couple of years. They are rather unconventional and thought provoking consultants and coaches, encouraging and supporting us to push our boundaries and navigating new territories. I recommend them to anyone who is ready to move out of the comfort zone.”

-- Rupert Roniger, CEO, Light for the World International

“I recently attended the fantastic N3XT conference in San Francisco. It was an engaging and transformative experience, far exceeding your run-of-the-mill executive training courses. Kudos to Christian, Julia and Robert for finding the perfect mix of modalities which resulted in real world solutions for many of the participants. I plan to take these teachings and apply them in my organization. I strongly recommend!”

-- Len Egert, National Executive Director, American Guild of Musical Artists, NYC

“Christian and Julia played a key role in our development towards a less hierarchical, more empowered, self-organized and more agile organization, helping us as individuals and as an organization. As a result of this transformational process we managed to grow in a very competitive market environment and outperform our competitors. We are thankful to find the right balance of pushing us to new frontiers and helping us overcome critical operational issues during our journey.”

-- Martin Schiechtl, SVP Marketing at Swarovski, Austria


Location & Contact

Our office space is a garden loft in the 19th district in Vienna. The tranquil and green location in the middle of Vienna provides a pleasant and inspiring working space for our clients and ourselves.

Foto Gartenatelier

Osterleitengasse 7 | 1190 Vienna I Austria  I  

Europe M. +43 699 1368 8089 I USA M. +1 650 39 29685


Decisiveness is the key ingredient to Transformation 
You don't have to change as a whole - just take new choices and show new behaviour - staying the same person. 
Transformation means to create new possibilities - for yourself and your organization.
The only place and time we are powerful is Here and Now. THE future is not an Object out there, but a result of today's actions. Constant focus on "the future" weakens the present being and therefore your possible future. 
In every Organization a group of persons can be identified representing "the organization". They have the possibility and obligation to transform the organization entrusted to them.
Speed does not kill impact - in the contrary: the abyss can only be crossed in one mighty jump.
Life is urgent!
New behaviour is to be stabilised by instant successes and positive feedback. If change fails to generate such instant successeses it will fail. 
Transformation emerges by itsself as soon as it gets the space to do so. If it is hindered, organizations will die from stagnation. The atmosphere will be poisened and the organization appears like a living dead - we call them Zombie organizations. 
People can not be motivated - there is not even a need to motivate them, as people are motivated by nature to contribute to something meaningful. Just give them something meaningful they can contribute to.  
Clarity and simplicity are the key to power and speed.  
Pompous change processes more often serve the consultants than their clients - we love it lean and simple.
When money becomes the point, you have lost the point (Peter Drucker)




Julia Culen & Christian Mayhofer
Culen Mayhofer Partner GmbH
Osterleitengasse 7
A-1190 Wien

Tel +43 699 13688089 +43 699 11440114
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Firmenbuchgericht: Wien

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Magistrat der Stadt Wien

Fachgruppe Unternehmensberatung
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Fachgruppe Unternehmensberatung,
beides bei der Wirtschaftskammer Wien

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