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Julia Culen, Mayhofer
Julia Culen, Mayhofer
Julia Culen, Mayhofer
Julia Culen, Mayhofer

We are experts in consulting and facilitating organizational transformation. We are Julia Culen, Christian Mayhofer and a diverse network of partners from a variety of territories.

We help our clients to powerfully master their problems and challenges in their own genuine way. Our practice as coaches and consultants is based on many years of experience across topics, regions and clients.


Work areas & Offerings


We consult and team with Leaders to develop their organizations in their own and genuine way and to regain their power. That takes place in the arenas of  Integrated Corporate Development, Strategy, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Agility, New Work, Business model innovation and Core Purpose.


Coachings are of help to work on specific answers for actual problems, challenges and solve questions unanswered. Sometimes this will be individual work, sometimes its collective work within Leadership teams.

Personal Mastery Seminar

Personal Mastery focusses on Mastery in being with yourself and others. The more challenging and complex the going gets, the more it is of utmost importance to live and act your life as a Leader from a clear mind, personal resliniance and integrity. 

The 1-2 day seminar aimes on strengthening the individual participant. It helps the individual to focus on her own views, its possible limitations and the opening to new possibilities. It allows to regain strength, energy and clarity and enables to take full responsibility.  Personal Mastery is rooted in Zen and other Wisdom traditions and uses concepts and models of Body Work, Brain research, Psychoanalysis- und Therapy, Leadership, Coaching and Philosophy. Folder for Download here


Meditation is the central practice of many Wisdom Traditions. It helps to clear ones own mind, meet ones own concepts and its limitations, sharpens ones perception and allows to be in peace with ones own Being. It helps to bring peace in owns own life. Thats a lot. Peaceful Mind  - Peaceful Body. It takes some time to develop a practice therin. A small community (Sangha) often is helpful, sometimes the Leadership Team is a perfect community for that. That changes everything. Christian has refined his practice over almost 40 years in Tibetan Buddhism, Zen and Advaita. He is an ordained monk. 


Retreats serve the purpose of stepping back, taking a break from the daily buzz of business, executive powerplays and managerial performance. They are tailor made to the needs of our clients and vary in its design. They allow exchange, sharing, introspection, meditation, collective breathing out. They often do not aim in a linear and direct way towards the next and better solution but a collective view on shared goals and purpose, the larger body of the organization and the strengthening of the whole. New and shared views become possible and allow the collected forces to align to the wellbeing of the organization.

Retreats are not like typical Off-Site Meetings or Teambuildings.

Dharma Talks

An ancient practice, developed by our ancestors and wisdom teachers to gather as community (Sangha) around the Dharma. It´s a practice to strengthen the Sangha and to develop and refine the spiritual and social path of the individual as well as the whole body of practioners. We bring this practice as a quality of refinment and of joint reflection to companies, corporations and Leadership teams. It supports to devlope connectedness, fosters trust, cooperation and cretaivity and allows to join forces and master obstacles while sailing the unknown. 

Schedule: Meditation, Dharma Talk, Q&A, Meditation,open sharing and conversation with Tea and Cookies 


  • We do Key Notes as well as interactive sessions at conferences and lead large group interventions around the topics of Leadership, New Work, Self organization, Change Management,Corporate Culture, etc (eg. Corporate Culture Jam)
  • Workshops and sessions at public converences and Management Meetings, Corporate conferences 
  • Talks and Sessions in the course of change processes or Leadership Development programs
  • Single workshops / Offsites on topics such as development of Leadership Frameworks, Communikation, Leadership et al. 


We partner with hand picked colleages or initiatives for certain projects or topics, eg. Strategie Austria, the University of Vienna, DNA and the ÖBAM - Österreichischer Bundesverband für Achtsamkeit/Mindfulness


We do research at the intersect of Economy, Science and Wisdom Traditions. For the time being we focus on the following:

  • Future World of Work / New Work: study with the University of Vienna (Infos)
  • Research on Consciousness & Quantum physics (with our teacher Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, pls see videos), Science & Nature of Consciousness, Science & Nonduality Conferences and Retreats

Biofield Tuning 

Biofield Tuning has been developed by Eileen McKusick in the US. Julia has been trained in this very effective Energy/Bodywork  in San Diego and Denver und damit hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielt. Diese Methode ist für viele Menschen sehr entlastend, geht es hierbei doch nicht ums Verstehen und "an sich Arbeiten", sondern um Wahrnehmen und "es für sich arbeiten lassen", die Entwicklung von tiefem Vertrauen in sich selbst also. Eine ideale Unterstützung und Ergänzung im Coaching & Entwicklungsprozess.  Mehr dazu hier


On our blog  Blog - stories from the field we write about:

  • Leadership, Transformation and Organization Development 
  • Corporate Culture, Leadership, New Work, Agile, Digitalization
  • Travel reports and philosophical reflexions
  • Spirituality, Mindfulness, Consciousness & Wisdom Traditions 


Caritas Socialis
Licht für die Welt
Light for the World
Red Noses International
Teach for Austria
Universitätszahnklinik Wien
Banca Comerciala Romana
DSGV - Deutscher Sparkassenund
Erste Group
Raiffeisen Bank International
Western Wireless
Merck MSD
Novo Nordisk
Palfinger Cranes
TELECOM A1 Telekom
Deutsche Telekom
Telekom Austria
Die Presse
Golden Girls Film
Nous Guide
Kronen Zeitung
Rosbud Inc
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Österreichische Post

Clients about us


“Together we created an organizational change process to adapt the business to increasing market complexity, globalization, and ultimately, customer needs and desires. Our team was stimulated and challenged to not only question our existing assumptions and paradigms, but also to develop enhanced new ones, which helped us to think and act “outside the box. ”Their personalized and interdisciplinary approach worked exceptionally well, and initiated significant change in our organization. We are now able to take a series of bold steps forward and our customers continue to reap the benefits.”
--Daniel Cohen, Principal Owner at Swarovski Corporation, RI, USA
“Christian and Julia played a key role in our development towards a less hierarchical, more empowered, self-organized and more agile organization, helping us as individuals and as an organization. As a result of this transformational process we managed to grow in a very competitive market environment and outperform our competitors.
We are thankful to find the right balance of pushing us to new frontiers and helping us overcome critical operational issues during our journey.” 
-- Martin Schiechtl, SVP Marketing at Swarovski, Austria
“For leaders it is not easy to see that Personal Mastery creates the conditions for Business Excellence —our assumptions have been so fundamentally challenged that something new could emerge." 
-- Michael Fleischhacker, Editor in Chief “Die Presse”
“Julia and Christian have helped us in our transformation process during the last couple of years. They are rather unconventional and thought provoking consultants and coaches, encouraging and supporting us to push our boundaries and navigating new territories. I recommend them to anyone who is ready to move out of the comfort zone.” 
-- Rupert Roniger, CEO, Light for the World International
"In just one day my Leadership Team worked on all major questions concerning our business:  purpose, strategy and leadership mastery.
We  repeated this one day format after one year, with a strong sense of empowerment as Team of Leaders"
-- Andreas Raab, Managing Director STYRIA Medienhaus Lifestyle
"Julias hands-on advise enlightenment on things which look complicated was amazing. She is simply a simplifier. She breakes complex things in to pieces and show how easy and simple they are while dismantled."
-- Yetnebersh Nigussie, Alternative Nobel Prize 2017 laureate 
I've been dazzled by Julia's ability to facilitate leadership work with clients as well as lead a consulting company. Her brilliant mind and open heart make her a wonderful workshop leader. I see her also as an example of how a wise and powerful woman can succeed in the business world and her personal life. 
-- Fred Kofman, Advisor Leadership Development at Google, Author of "Conscious Business"


Julia Culen

Born 1974


International Business Administration I University of Vienna 

The Boston Consulting Group Munich I BA-CA Unicredit Austria &CEE I Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg Vienna

Certified coach and management consultant

Guest professor University of Vienna 

+43 699 13688089

Christian Mayhofer

Born 1961 I Managing Partner at CULEN MAYHOFER PARTNER 

Consultant, Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Zen Monk

Erlenhof I Maycon Consulting I Interim Manager I Consultant & Coach for over 25 years

Trained and educated in diverse Coaching & Consulting Areas in Europe, Asia and US

+43 699 11440114

foto christian mayhofer
foto christian mayhofer

Location & Contact

Our office space is a garden loft in the 19th district in Vienna. The tranquil and green location in the middle of Vienna provides a pleasant and inspiring working space for our clients and ourselves.

Foto Gartenatelier

Osterleitengasse 7 | 1190 Vienna I Austria  I  

Europe M. +43 699 1368 8089 


Julia Culen & Christian Mayhofer
Culen Mayhofer Partner GmbHOsterleitengasse 7A-1190 Wien E-Mail office@cmpartner.atTel +43 699 13688089 +43 699 11440114

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